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Hello Alaska!

August 01, 2018


My name is Ken Hendricks. My passion is fishing and outdoor recreation, and I love eating fish!

I grew up in California, and as far back as I can remember, fishing (along with playing baseball) was always at the top of my list of things I couldn’t get enough of.

My dad instilled the fever of fishing in me. Before I was big enough to hold a fishing pole, I would watch him load his surf rods into his car and head to one of his favorite spots along the California coast. Always disappointed that I was left behind, he assured me that soon I would get to go, and before I knew it, I was fishing with the big boys. That’s when my lifelong passion for the sport began.

We moved to Northeastern California when I was eleven, and that’s when the fun really started. In the summers, we fished practically every weekend, and our freezer was always full of trout, catfish, and bass.

Dad and I always talked about going to Alaska someday, but back then it was prohibitive cost-wise and we never saw that dream materialize, at least together.

Mom passed away in 1986 and I rather emphatically told him that now was the time. Get out of the house he now lived in alone and go after his (and my) dream. By then I had a young family and work commitments didn’t allow me to accompany him, but I was as excited as he when he agreed and booked his trip.

Dad brought back stories (and fish!) of him catching SALMON with every cast, so much so that he’d have to take rest breaks, and give his tired arms time to recuperate for the next onslaught!

Catching “barn door” HALIBUT so large he’d need younger men to help him haul them up!

It only reinforced my dream…the dream of Alaska!



My wife Connie is the love of my life. Raised with her five sisters, her fishing experience was very limited…until she met me! To my delight, she loved fishing and usually accompanies me whenever I go.

On a trip to Kauai, I was fortunate to catch a 160 lb. Yellowfin Tuna. Excited out of my mind, that very night I became very dismayed when I saw on the local Hawaiian news broadcast; the Eastern Pacific Tuna were accumulating MERCURY LEVELS at the rate of 4% per year. They recommended eating very little, or no tuna! Are you kidding me? 

One of nature’s most nutritious, perfect food sources was becoming toxic! Disconcerting (and sad) to say the least!


As soon as we deplaned, our guide told us, “WELCOME TO ALASKA! Throw your stuff in your cabins, grab some raingear (which we never needed), WE'RE GOING FISHING!”

We didn’t need coaxing. In Alaska, it’s not a matter of IF we’ll catch fish, but rather HOW MUCH, WHAT TYPE and HOW BIG?

We had fish on the line 20 minutes after leaving the dock. And so it went. Steady, hardcore angling, dawn to dusk, for five unbelievable days.

Coho (silver) Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Yelloweye, Rockfish.

Unbelievably beautiful, quiet, pristine scenery and surroundings. Excellent, comfortable accommodations. Gourmet meals. Extremely laid-back (but excited), friendly people.

Simply amazing.

It was a trip I’ll never forget, and one I plan to repeat again and again…


We each brought home 100 POUNDS of healthy, mercury-free, WILD ALASKAN SEAFOOD!!

It didn’t last long. And yes, I shared it with friends and family!

What does all this mean to you?

We’ve evolved into a very health-conscious society. The science is there, and we all strive to live long, healthy, disease-free lives.

Diet is a major factor in achieving this.

WILD ALASKAN SEAFOOD is a great way to meet these goals…

…and while it isn’t feasible for many people to visit and experience first-hand America’s Last Frontier, IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE, in fact, EASY for ANYONE to experience the healthy, delicious bounty Alaska has to offer…

…and that’s what my website is all about


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