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Ken Hendricks
There are many scallop species the world over. Of these, the Weathervane Scallop, also known as the giant pacific scallop, is the largest.
The Alaska Weathervane Scallop is world renowned as the best, most delicious scallop on the market! Alaskan scallops have a buttery, lightly sweet taste, and are a culinary favorite of chefs the world over.
The Weathervane Scallop inhabits waters from California to the Bering Sea, and as far west as the Aleutian Islands. Their beds are located on sand, mud or gravel in depths of 120 to 390 feet. 
Scallops reach adulthood in 3 or 4 years and spawn annually. Adults assemble in dense beds with an oblong shape that parallels the direction of the prevailing current.
As with all it's seafood fisheries, the State of Alaska maintains strict regulation and fishing practices to ensure sustainability and prevent over fishing, 
Commercial fishing in Alaska began in 1967 with two vessels. In 1968 there were 19 vessels, and vessels and fishery waters expanded in succeeding years due to declining catches on the U.S. east coast and Canada.
The scallop harvest peaked at 1.85 million lbs. of shucked meat in the '69-'70 season, and the long-term average is 602,000 lbs. shucked. The annual catch limit is 1.16 million lbs with a federal over fishing level set at 1.29 million lbs. This indicates average yearly catches are well within sustainable levels.
Scallops are dredged off the ocean bottom, and since the early nineties, vessels have used the long-trip fishery principle. The scallops are harvested, shucked and frozen right on the vessel to ensure maximum freshness and quality, and locks in taste and nutritional value.
Health Benefits
Alaska Weathervane Scallops contain a variety of nutrients that provide several health benefits, including cardiovascular health.
Scallops are low in fat and high in protein and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These Omega-3's keep your blood flowing smoothly by preventing the formation of blood clots.
It's high Magnesium and Potassium levels assist in causing blood vessels to relax, helping to improve blood flow and lower and maintain normal blood pressure levels. 
Magnesium also helps promote body temperature regulation, healthy bones and teeth, energy levels, detoxing, and the transmission of nerve impulses.
B12 also aids in protection against some cancers, and aids in cardiovascular health.
Scallops are prepared in a variety of methods, the quickest and easiest method is pan-searing. Regardless of how you prepare them, Weathervane Scallops from the cold, clean waters of Alaska is an absolutely delicious, healthy addition to anyone's dinner table! Try some and you'll agree...they are truly a healthy obsession!
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